Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Blood Donor (Part 2)

                       CONT'D FROM LAST POST

Soon we were told that the results were out. Kai see fear. At that moment, I was even less afraid of the process of shedding your blood. Infact my prayer was that I would be able to shed the blood. Then the man started calling the names of people that qualified. See me listening attentively na. Nothing else mattered at that moment. It felt like God was reading out the names in the book of life. To cut the short story long, my name was called. I made it! My bloody is clean. Yayy! Ladies take note! *wink*.

Then came the next challenge. THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD. This was when I knew how Jesus felt when he was begging God that if it was His will this cup should pass over. So this is what it takes to be a father.  Come and see where they were looking for vein in one man's body. I think that man had offended the doctor before because the doctor was  just hitting the hand. The doctor even slapped his face. The man shouted! The doctor said he's looking for vein. The man would have said he's not doing again since they couldn't find his vein but he didn't want to come in vain. So they continued slapping him. I was even going to suggest to the doctor that he should kuku just wound him let blood come out. 

Suddenly I heard "NEXT!". I was just looking. Then the vampire looked at me and said. "Sir I said Next". I must have thought he was referring to where he got his haircut. I got in there and the man approached me. I asked him what he wanted to use the knife in his hand for. He said its not knife, its the needle! What!!! It was even the same guy that chooked me the first time. What kind of profession is this. Why would this kind of man choose a profession that involves chooking people. Then I saw his name on his ID card. Dr Chuks. No wonder the Doctor Chooks a lot.

Dr Chuks did his thing. Wasn't as painful as I thought though. I felt more pain seeing my blood flowing down into the bloody sac. I shouted "Blood of Jesus". The doctor replied "No..its your blood o"

Ever since then, I've respected Jesus Christ the more. It was only one pint! Just one pint. I heard that the taller you are, the more the blood your body is capable of giving. So when the doctor called me in, I walked in bending my knees. Before he tells me to drop 4 pints. Kuku kill me! I have also become more careful about the way I shout "Blood of Jesus". I dont just shout Blood of Jesus as an ordinary exclamation anymore. I've learnt to put some respeck on it. 

In the end it feels good to know that I've shed blood to save a life. I feel like Jesus' younger brother. I suggest you do the same. Walk into any General Hospital and tell them you are a free donor. Make sure you tell them its blood o, before they remove your kidney. 

Blood of Jesus! My rice is burning! I need to go now. See ya!! Catch ya!!! larra 


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