Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Girls and Birthdays???

The way ladies take birthdays ehnn. Its like some ladies' sole purpose of being on earth is to celebrate the next birthday. The joy rises from their very early years then peaks between ages 18 and 25. then from 25 it begins to descend. You see when they now get to 30, the love for birthdays become hatred. Especially when they are still searching for the fruit of a husband. Usually when they are 18,19,20,21 up to even 26. Do you notice how excited they are about their birthdays. Its like they cant wait sef. From the beginning of the month we wont hear word o. They begin to put up pictures like "I CANT KEEP CALM, ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH". As if someone was begging them before. Then they start that mumu count down.

Whats most annoying about the countdown is not the countdown itself, its the distance. They be like 'its 4 weeks to my big day'. Babe are you that eager. Calm down na! "No I CANT KEEP CALM. ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH". Ohh now I get. But at least wait till its like 3 days. that one is understandable. Girls actually look forward to this countdown just as much as they look forward to the big day as well o. So you see posts like "I'm super excited...its 2months to my birthday" or "Yipee 30 days to my big day..let the countdown begin". I met the shock of my life when I saw one recently. "Yayyyyy its 365 days to my birthday". Its your birthday today olodo!!!!!!. She don forget!!!!!

Don't even get me started on the craze for surprise birthdays. ahh its bad o. Everybody wants to organise surprise birthdays for their friends hoping that those friends will be grateful enough to reciprocate the surprise. That's how we wanted to surprise one of our friends in Eko hotel and suites. We contributed money paid for the hall and everything. So all of us gathered! Only for us to hear that she traveled to the UK that morning. Ahh! Onigbese. Instead of blessing the celebrant, all of us started cursing her. How could she do something like that! Travel without our knowledge. Didn't she know we would want to surprise her? Idiot. Anyways the cake was sweet sha. But why do women love surprise birthdays! One girl has invited me to her surprise birthday before o. She just called me "SLK please my surprise birthday will be holding this Thursday. please I would be honored to have you there."

Some friends could be ingrates though. One girl had played major roles in all her friend's birthday parties. In fact she made sure she did surprise birthday parties for all of them. Believing that on her own big day, her friends will reciprocate and surprise her. Hmmmm my brothers and sisters, you wont believe that it was only her mummy and daddy that came for her "Surprise" party o. The girl was so surprised. I think thats what her friends wanted to achieve. 

This post would not be complete without me dropping something for the men. So MEN OF VALOR (AWUUUUUUU), here is something that will help you. so listen and pay attention (Like they are not the same thing)

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Till we meet again at the Lord's feet, continue to rest in peace.....

Yours Truly

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  1. lmao @ forget her birthday. that one got me, funny post