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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Girls and Cars

 *singing* She no want designer, she no want ferari..... *weaves slap! dodges blow, blocks bullet* 
Ahaaan! Wait first! No be me sing the song now! 

I'm sure by now we all agree that Davido lied! Well for more information you can watch the Naija Babes response to the song (by my brother  Emma OhmaGod)

But my major question now is "Whats it with Naija babes and cars?''  Make den no just see man with car keys!! What of those guys that are stiill hussling? What should happen to them? A guy can be ugly as hell, but as soon as hes driving an SUV he suddenly develops "inner beauty" Nowadays you can hardly find a girl that wants to date a guy that doesnt have a car! Hardly!!! Infact you stand a better chance of seeing Maheeda with her clothes on than seeing a girl with a carless guy!

Infact some girls are so engrossed in this that they lose their sense of judgement! They see it as some form of prerequisite for a relationship. Some days ago, they asked one girl for her favourite sport! She said "RANGE ROVER". Thats how bad it is now o!!

Not just cars! Money!! I've seen girls that date criminals! Throwing morals into the wind!! One girl met one guy that told her he's into drugs!! Instead of this girl to take to her heels, she rather stuck to her hills! DRUG BARON! She even went about telling her friends that her boyfriend is INTO DRUGS! She jumped at the guy! Gave the guy her time and BODY!  After 6months the guy took tthe girl to his "CHEMIST" (small scale pharmacy) in Ajegumle where he sells panadol, Vit c and ALABUKUN! "OMG i thought you said you were into Drugs??" 'Eheen! Panadol na paint?'

Now whats making this trend more dangerous for guys is that they now expect this cars as GIFTS!!! Imagine! I overheard a girl breaking up with her boyfriend over the phone.  She was really crying o! This is what I heard her say:

"Ah Bayo, you are a useless boyfriend! Infact you are now my EX! What didnt you do? Is Lola's boyfriend not your mate? Were you not there on her birthday when he gave her the KEYS to a brand new Range Rover? Is Busola's husband not your mate! Didn't you hear that he gave her the KEYS to a duplex in Lekki? But you!!!! You! what did you give me on my birthday? The KEYS to your heart!! wetin I  wan take am do! Your heart na Ferari?"

I would like to seize this medium to join all well meaning Nigerians in the clamor for the safe release of our 234 girls! Its been 2weeks! We need our future leaders! I'm not Yerima, but I want our girls back! Lets all not get tired of praying for our country! God bless Nigeria! #BringBackOurGirls 


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