Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I know this is coming pretty late but, like they say, its better late than never!

Where would I start from o! Is it the plethora of mentions I got on twitter from my wonderful friends, or the deluge of messages and phone calls I recieved from very wonderful people! Or the numerous pings I recieved that day! Kai my phone suffered sha! Thank you all for the love!

Those that know me know that am not someone that likes celebration and party and cake and all! But this my last birthday was a little bit of an exception thanks to my oga at the top himself Omobaba No 1. As a lot of you must have known, Unknot Your Tie with Omobaba (a Comedy Club) holds every Wednesday at Rodizzio. My birthday fell on a Wednesday and Omobaba decided to show me some love! Yes! I celebrated my baiday at Unknot Your Tie! It was a birthday special! So at this juncture I would like to thank Omobaba no1 himself!  Wanna thank Gt the Guitarman for singing me a birthday song! Awesome voice (no homo)! My big bro, Seyilaw also was on hand to make my day! Lafup and De don were just awesome! And baba himself, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st presided over the cutting of the cake, prayed for me and even gave me baiday gift! God go make you... sorry God bless you sir! And the whole Unknot Your Tie crew! God Bless you!

Here are a few pics! You can eat you cake from here and still have it! lol

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