Tuesday, 26 November 2013


This life is not fair sha! The way somethings would just reign and reign with so much impunity and then, after some time, fade off still baffles me! I remember Hi5 ! If you were not on Hi5 ehhnn, you were a slacker! Now, where is Hi5 now? Who is even on hi5 now sef? Anyways I heard you can find Baba Fryo and Daddy Fresh there sha. Now almost the same misfortune is befalling Facebook. Facebook that time was every youth's shoulder to lean on! But now, twitter has relieved Facebook of  that duty. By the way, I know why young people lost interest in Facebook. Ever since our fathers and mothers started joining Facebook, there has been an exodus from the social network. People are running from their parents. So watch your back twitter, our parents are coming for you! Really the way parents encroached Facebook ehhn!
I remember chatting with one babe on Facebook a few years back! I was just getting to know her .  I was spitting lines o! Chyking the babe! Then I told her to send me her pictures. Only for me to discover that it was my mum! So you get why I dont really use Facebook again. Now its market women that use Facebook! You mean you dont know? Market women have customized Facebook o!They have changed all those abbreviations to suit theirs now. They cant use 'lol' na! They use RAS - Rerin Alariwo Sita!  In the market, I heard one shouting EFPMK! I asked what it meant, she said 'Erin Fe Pa Mi Ku' Thats their LWKMD!

And yet this trend doesn't stop there! BBM is almost getting a piece of the unfortunate cake too! Wey BB don  dey Techno now! kai! But I am a huge BBM fan anyways! BB actually saved a lot of people from boredom! You would see a lady that has no friend! Absolutely no friend in life! But she would not see any other phone to buy but BB! She would now have only ONE contact! One contact on her BBM! The painful part is that she would still be sending BC! Her BC would now be like message and her message would be like broadcast! Smh! If we thought we saw abbreviations on Facebook, then we weren't prepared for the acronyms BBM had to offer! BBM and twitter collaborated to make this generation the laziest so far! In the days of our fathers! In the 70s they were very wordy. You will hear a sentence like "I am quite hungry". In the 80s they got lazier "I am hungry". In the 90s we thought the were lazy "I dey hung". But from 2000 we started hearing "I dey H" . Ladies and gentlemen, am afraid for our children o!  What would we hear "I dey.....". They would just go mute!

Now on BBM someone can just send you a full greeting without writing a word. Just abbreviations! On my birthday, one Yoruba man sent me a message "HBD LLNP GBU GGMUB IJN KLMJ" I knew the meaning of the other ones apart from the last one! So I had to ask what it meant then he said that was the most important part of the message "Ki La Ma Je" (what would we eat). That was when I knew he was a Yoruba man. But in this very 'abridged' generation, some set of people that I love so much would still prefer to write in full! You know them na! Yes am talking about the pastors! I have them on my contacts too! I dont really know why they dont shorten words! I just its not that the more you shorten words the more your life would... no no it cant be! Some of us for don die for bele! You would always know a pastor's BB message! Note that I said message not broadcast o. My pastor friend would want to greet me on BBM, this is what I would see:
"Calvary greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord that died for you and me. I trust you are doing great! If so, glory be to God! Hallelujah! My purpose for PINGING you on this very day, the 26th of November 2013 is to ask how you are! I have not set my eyes on you in a long time so am pinging to check on you. Stay strong in the faith! God bless you! Looking forward to your reply soon. Yours in the Faith, Pst Femi Badmus."

But I always just love the Yorubas! Its only a Yoruba man that would still have H-factor on BB chat! No jokes (in Julius Agwu's Voice) Check this Pic out! I had to change the name of the guy so as not to digrace him!

Now to my main reason for this post! There is a burden in my heart and I want to let it all out! On BBM ehn boys can lie! Let me tell you what I used to do before. I would go on Google and search for "Pretty girls pictures" Then I would download plenty pictures of fine babes! Almost every day I would put one of the pictures up as DP and on my Pm I would write something like "Thanks hun for showing up today! Had so much fun!" "Or it was  great hanging out with you darl" Girls that I didnt know from Adam! Most of them are not even Nigerians! Guys used to respect me! They would just be pinging me to organise babe for them. I loved the attention men! Until one day I just used this fine girl's picture.

Then I updated my pm as usual "Thanks baby for showing up at my doorstep and singing with me! Sure had a great time! See you tomorrow like you promised. *KISS*"

(Now crying) I just noticed that my contacts started deleting me one after the other without even saying goodbye. Me that I had almost a thousand contacts all of a sudden, just had barely 10 and out of the 10, 9 of them are not functional. Only for me to get a call from RIM that they want to delete me too! 

So right now *wipes tears* i want to publicly apologise to my gone contacts to please come back! I didnt know it was Aaliyah (the yankee musician that apparently died 12years ago). Please forgive me *crying* I wont do it again!

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  1. Lmao....i just woke up and m laughing so hard..this is tooo funny..nice work