Friday, 28 December 2012


Hello peeps! This is just one topic I started on twitter a couple of weeks back! Just a parody of some of the names we bear! We expect names to reflect on our lives but hey...they usually don't!  Do you know how many POOR RICHards I know? So please enjoy and feel free to add any if you wish! Just make sure the owners of the names don't locate you! I no send you message o!!

  • The fact that your name is WEMIMO, does not mean you wont have body odor! 
  • I have now noticed that most poor people have "OWO" (money) or "OLA" (wealth) in their names! I met one that had not eaten for 2 days! I asked him for his name he said "FOWOROLA" (USE MONEY TO BUY WEALTH)! Am like dude use that money to buy you a meal!! That's like trekking on the streets with your shirt saying "MY MONEY GROWS LIKE GRASS". My brother na that grass you go chop die!
  • Of course we all know that KONGA is not WELL!
  • Dont think that because your babe's name is "PELUMI' (with me), when your money finishes, she would stay with you! That's when you would know that her middle name is BOLT!
  • Well am sure we all know now that VIRGINia is just a name....nothing more!
  • One building collapsed in my area last week! Heard that the architect made a mistake in the design! Guess the architect's name..... Mr BANKOLE!
  • The fact that your BOSS' name is MOSES does not mean he loves his STAFF
  • I have now noticed that most of the stingy people I know bear "FUNMI" (give me)
  • The fact that her name is LOLa does not mean she Laughs Out Loud!
  • I have noticed that everybody that bears SEGUN is always fine.... wait a minute ...sorry ...i just remembered something! Please ignore that! That was a mistake!!!


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