Thursday, 15 November 2012


Yeah wonderful people!! A few days ago happened to be my birthday! At least that's what my mother told me! I guess she knows better! First of all I would like to thank you all for your messages, dms,pms, pings etc! And for some, na only insult then see insult!! Na wa o! They would do the same for you too o! One girl after hearing that it was my birthday shouted ' Ahh so you were born?'! Ehen! I was vomitted! Otondo!

But una harsh o! Dear readers! You wont believe it that I didnt get one single card like this! Kai! Friends are rare o! Instead people just kept on asking, Where is the party? Where is my share of the cake? As if they are stake holders in my life! Your share of the cake ko! Do i look like Nigeria to you! But I believe you guys are happy now! Abi! You girls that wanted to kill me with 'where is my cake and where is my that'! Now I am drinking... sorry soaking garri as I am blogging and for the rest of the week! You are happy now! See girls ordering foods that they have never eaten in their entire lives! And that they would never eat till they die o! They used my birthday to do excursion! Ahhh! E gba mi o! Mo ma se birthday daran ke! Out of frustration I almost wanted to say I wasn't really born that day! Only me wan deny my date of birth! But girls are wicked o! One said she only wanted snacks! I was really happy! I felt that would cut costs! My people, if you see what this aunty ordered!! Na me kon de beg am! 'why not just buy raw flour ehn!' These are the kinda girls my mother warned me about! Awon kokoro ajenirun!!

I know what I would do next year by God's grace! Na from Congo I go de receive una pings! At least nobody sabi me for dia! If you ask me where the party is i would set you up! I would just give you the address of the nearest KFC! I would tell you to order anything you want that I am on my way! Trust these olojukokoro girls! they would go! Ahhh! They would wash plates sha! After that time anybody wey de do birthday den go de run from am!! Eni to ma da gbese si lorun lo n wa!!( takes another scoop of garri with tears)!

Let me go back to my garri before it swells more than this! I just felt I should share my predicament with my readers! I know you are thinking its paining me! Its not paining me o! I just know that God is on the throne and all of you will still do birthday! Noo! me am not crying o (wipes eyes and takes another scoop)! Am not crying am only shedding tears! They are two different things! 

Anyways thank you very much for the love you showed me on my birthday o! They would show you the same kind of love IJN! (Wipes tears) God bless you o!
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  1. Nice one....pls can u forward the mc garden eggs and jehovah elshaddai to your bbm contacts. i dont av those. i wantu laff.

  2. Ur own still beta. My own na only water I see drink. Ure a very rich dude. Lmao....we must to taaaaaannnkk dah Lord ooooooo

  3. Happy belated birthday... Lol.. Nice one

  4. Cynthia which Water? Yimu.

  5. Nyc one man..Love u

  6. Nice one, u shld av just told d waiter to tell dem wateva dey order for is not yet done or