Thursday, 9 August 2012


Trust Nigerians! Any new tin wey come, we must to chuck hand! Nigerians! Na so we take frustrate HI5! Now only  celebrities are on HI5! By the way I heard that Baba Fryo and Father U-turn have just joined! There was a massive exodus to facebook and twitter! Everybody is tweeting now! Even those that dont know anything! I asked one girl for her twitter handle the other day, she told me it had broken but that she would soon fix it! One thing our celebrities don't know is that armed robbers are on twitter too! If you put your address on twitter, they are ready to FOLLOW you!

The really crazy one was the advent of facebook! Infact, I was so into it! I remember my mother (who apparently had no idea of social networking) was calling me one day when I was religiously facebooking! 'Olu! Olu!' I said, 'mummy am on facebook!' she said 'ehn oo de bole! (ehn come down now!)'. Facebook was like the mainstay! People got sacked at work because of that thing o! One guy got into trouble now! He WENT TO GO AND like one lady's picture! He now commented, "baby you look very sexy and hawt! You are putting ideas in my mind!' He didnt know that was his pastor's wife! He started explaining the ideas to his pastor! 'Sir I meant new church growth ideas' Infact I think it was when people noticed that their pastors have joined facebook that they ran to twitter! And for some of us, our parents! Talking about facebook, you know that anybody can come on facebook and put any name and picture just to decieve you! You know how fake facebook can get now! The day I can never forget was when I asked my mother out without knowing! I have never seen such a traditional red card before! 'Olu! Abi Ori e yi? Se mi lo n ba soro!'

My facebook story is a quite interesting one sa! When I joined facebook! I had only one friend! Am telling you! No am not wicked! That one friend was more valuable than five thousand! My hero! When he comfirmed the friendship, I wanted to die! I did not believe my eyes! Oh I haven't told you his name! Mmm! Michael Jackson! Yes MJ! I am very serious! No jokes now!  I was the envy of my friends! I told them why I didnt accept thier pending friend requests! To top it up, sometimes I had the priviledge to chat with him! Am serious am not joking! For 2 straight years, he was my only friend on facebook! My friends used to even send me to him! People actually respected me because of that o! Until unfortunately in 2009, we heard about his demise! The kind of tears I shed that day ehn! I could not believe my one and only  ESSENCE, sorry Facebook love (No homo) was gone!
And so that night I decided to write something on my hero's wall!
 'You were more than a friend to me! More of an Inspiration! God knows why he took you away! Though you are dead, your manhood still lives on the minds of men (yes she stole my line!) RIP michael! '
After I sent this piece and closed my laptop, I heard a knock on my room door! 'Yes come in!' It was our houseboy and I'm like 'Mike please am not eating!' Then he's like, 'no no be food o! If na food e better! why you go dey curse me for my wall na?' 'Your wall? we just painted it na' So I went to his room and i didnt see anything on his wall! "oga na my Facebook I de talk!'
WHAT! MIKE! NA U BE MICHAEL JACKSON? The rate at which I deleted him ehn! I added all my friends even the ones that didn't send me request!Now I have 5000 friends! 

This Saturday! Come and have fun and get empowered at the same time! Ft Temitayo, Kore, Soundsultan, SLK and lots more! Speakers are Adeolu Akinyemi, and Dakore Egbuson! Just N2000! Tickets available at the venue!!!

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  1. SLK, I am proud of you. Continue til God takes you to d place. I remember seeing you while in sch n like 'dis boy is a load of talent'. Wish u d best.

  2. I'm so proud of you....SLK kip it up