Monday, 2 July 2012

You Know Its Fake

Am sure all of us have at one time or the other felt fly with our selves after we purchased a new product.Then a serious crash occurred when we then discovered that we got the bootleg version, the fake, aka Aba made!So this piece will give you clues to know when its fake! Lets go!

You Know its fake When:

1)You discover that you are drinking Ribena but its BOOST you bought!

2)You insert an AIRTEL simcard and its showing you ECONET on the screen

3)You find agbalumo seeds in your Five Alive

4)You open your table water and it gases

5)the keys on your laptop are arranged in alphabetical order

6)Your brand new camera snaps the person holding it!

7)your eclairs has onion flavour

8)Wole Soyinka is on low-cut on your TV screen

9)Your Don Moen cd is playing Snoop Dog

10)Taiye Taiwo is prince charmong on your own TV!

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