Thursday, 5 July 2012


So am guessing you all enjoyed Episode 1! Remember Kundus is just a character that sees life from a different perspective from what his teacher sees! So y'all have to put on your INTELLIGENT caps for this! Here is episode 2! Enjoy like coke!

Teacher: Which football club has the memory of a computer
Kundus:  Man Utd! Cos they have 1 giggs!

Teacher: Why did your grand mother pass her red skirt on to your mother?
Kundus: Because its TRANS-PARENT

Teacher: Where on earth can the king also be the subject at the same time

Teacher: How do we spread videos!
Kundus: We spread Videos ONLINE using VIDEO CLIPS!

Teacher: What do you call an insect that runs away with our wife
Kundus: An ANT-ELOPE

Teacher: Which is the laziest food on earth
Kundus: Moi moi Cos its always on LEAVE

Teacher: How do you know that Jesus loves good music
Kundus: Cos He's the ROCK of ages!

Teacher: Are tour fingers happy when you fold them together
Kundus: Yes duhh! They are in a FEAST!

That's all for Episode 2! Hope I didn't make you feel too stupid! Would Appreciate it if you let me know your favorite! Thanks a bunsh!!!

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