Sunday, 1 July 2012


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                                      WISE SAYINGS
You can’t get these anywhere so pay rapt attention to these wise words.
11)    One good turn deserves another in England but in Lagos, one good TURN saves you from LASTMA
22)    A river that forgets its source will dry up so also the Spaghetti that forgets its SAUCE can never be sweet!
33)    The fact that your name is WEMIMO does not mean you can’t have Body Odor
44)    The fact say you be carpenter no mean say you go first HAMMER
55)    Cold bitter lemon is better than hot coke
66)    No matter how hungry you are, you can’t use oBAMA to eat bread
77)    The fact that you are a good DRUMMER does not mean you smell nice. (Sammy take note!)
88)    Na mess wey quiet dey smell pass!
99)    No EMPLOYER can be better than Moses who, everywhere he went, never forgot his STAFF
110)                       You might have Chivita, you might have Five Alive. Am still more superior because I have Jesus- the King of the JUICE!
So you must have discovered now that I am the wisest man ever! Have a great week. GOD BLESS YOU



  1. guy u r d best, i'm proud of u....u r representin cu...kip d flag flyin bro, !