Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I tried my best not to do this but I was forced to after reading what my pal and buddy (no Homo), Gabriel uploaded on his blog!http://thegabrielesu.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/gabriel-the-failure-the-imperfect-graduate/
Hence this would be the most serious piece so far on this blog! I hope am able to keep it serious till the end!

Let me explain... Am Salako Oluponmile, in 2007 I put in for Electrical and electronics engineering and was expected to be through last week friday according to the school's calendar! Right now, according to the school, I am not qualified to be through since I have so many units of courses on my head! I wish I could carry so much physically, I would probaly be a professional bouncer now! Now hear this (in Bishop Oyedepo's voice). I am not sad in any form and I repeat... I AM NOT SAD about not being through with Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the stipulated time! I am only sad because my parents are sad and this takes its toll on me! Dont blame me.. I love them and that's why I might still go back to complete Electrical and Electronics Engineering!

I am not sad because, as far as I am concerned, I graduated 2 years back!! And so seeing my colleagues celebrate theirs for me is like... 'you guys are welcome!' When it comes to academic glory, like Gabriel, I have tasted it to a very large extent. I was actually once an 'academic'! But as time went on, I became wiser! I told myself, 'Boy, you know you cant do this (Elect Elect) in life!' This is not my field! Its not my calling (I will talk more about calling in another post)! I was only FLOWING with the norm like most of the 'graduates' did! In this part of the world, there is an academic norm which has gradually defeated the real reason behind school! That was the norm my naive mind was following then! I actually didnt know what I was doing...until I had this epiphany (if you are lost, check it up in the dictionary), I got 'worried' about the future i saw! It was not pleasant! I saw a Mr Salako landing a great job but boning to work everyday! I saw Mr Salako having a great car but sad driving it down to work! I knew then that doing something you dont love is like marrying the wrong wife,,,,,,you are screwed!!!

I am an advocate of the fact that immediately you know the truth,,,you will be set free! Since I was gradually discovering my purpose and calling then, I knew I had to focus. That was, for me, when I gained admission into school....yeah the entertainment school. Let me pause there a bit, I want to be very practical now. Put aside whatever mindset 'society' has imposed on your mind and follow logic! What is a school! I would tell you what school is or was intended to be vis a vis what it has turned out to be in this part of the world! School is a place set aside to:

  • develop you in your CAREER! By this we mean actual training in your caeer! Hence the courses we now have decided to study! These are people's careers that overtime have been enshrined into the 'modern school' curriculum but the ones that havent been able to make it into the 'modern school' curriculum can still be learnt! 
  • develop a strong network that would help you through life. This has to do with intepersonal skills and interdependence. No wonder most great men today met their colleragues or business partners while in school!
  • Package you for your career! This takes care of your dressing, your command of the language, etiquettes..e.t.c.It even goes as far as your spiritual life!
Look at these functions of school carefully! Don't they look like what you see in someone that makes the person educated to you? Now you will agree with me that it is after all these have been achieved then one GRADUATES! That's what the ancient school founders wanted to achieve! That's the reason behind all the prerequisites for graduation that they laid behind! That's why they made sure you will pass all the courses (which is like ensuring that you are good and grounded in your career),you don't go to class alone (which is like ensuring that you build a strong network with people), and you learn comportment, decency and character!
Does this look like what obtains now! Nope! We are now a degree driven people.
1st of all, most 'graduates' study another career that is  not theirs! this is partly due to naivety on their part (I fall under this category) or parental pressure. So you see a called Pilot in Accounting class! The result is that most of them come out unqualified in their field of study because its not their field!
Secondly, a lot of 'graduates' never did any other thing apart from class, library hostel!
Thirdly, a lot of 'graduates' cant speak well to save their lives! they don't know how to queue up at public places, they litter the streets of Lagos and yet, they have degrees! Check the great men on earth, they achieved these three things!

My people, to me this is what real graduation is and this I achieved One year and some months after I took the decision! I decided to focus on my career! And I do not regret doing so! Now I can say, unlike a lot of ma colleagues graduating that not only do I have a TRADE, I know MY ONIONS like a French Chef! You will probably understand better when I post on purpose but this piece is just to explain why I'm not moved by  not finishing Electrical and Electronics Engineering!
What makes you a graduate is not he paper handed to you on convocation day! The truth is that people don't care! You don't care about the accounting degree of the surgeon operating on you as much as his ability to do so! I often say, don't go after qualification, go after ability, because you can fault qualification but you can never fault ability.The certificate is supposed to be an award for ability! That's why a degree is AWARDED! Convocation is a thing of the mind! There is no need for a convocation gown without a convocated mind!!!!!!!!!!

Let me spend the last few words of this piece stamping on why I am actually very happy!
I'd rather have a career without a degree than have a million degrees without a career! (suffice to define career, for me, as the pursuit of God's purpose fore your life!) I have an entertainment 'ministry' that am busy with! And I discovered this in school! I cut my entertainment teeth in school! I developed my entertainment skills in school! I graduated as an entertainer from school! (suffice also to say, that convocation means that you have learnt enough to start your career on your own! Little wonder in a place like Harvard they call convocation commencement)
In all modesty I am one of the most respected among my peers not because of my academics (duhhh!) but because people respect people that are very good at something! I have a long list of awards which I cherish more than any degree from another discipline!One of these awards includes, surprisingly (to you not to me), the BEST GRADUATING STUDENT in my college! This award was obviously based n student's opinion! This award was based on the students' perception of who was the best graduating student (they didnt even know i was not convocating ....cos they didn't care). It then dawned on me that, if in an academic environment, they forgot about your academic results then how much more the world at large! Now hear this (In Bishop Oyedepo's voice), I then discovered at that point that the world is not interested in your DEGREE of QUALIFICATION but your DEGREE of CONTRIBUTION. I was also sent the same message that was sent to Gabriel as one of the Icons of the set! In fact, I was attending alumni meetings where none of my peers could be found! The people I have been priviledge to meet and adress, most of my peers cannot smell it! I have no doubt to the fact that the world bows to ability and cares less about your irrelevant degrees! (e.g a pilot's accounting degree is useless to us, so is an Accountant's chemistry degree, so is an entertainer's engineering degree) What made us love Segun Odegbami is not his Engineering degree, but his ability on the field! What makes us love Naeto C is not his Msc! But his rhymes!
And so Gabriel, you should not cry! Little do you know how much they envy us! (maybe not the part that we are still on campus)! We have a life, a lot of them dont! Am not saying this to console you! This is what I've always believed and I can stand by it any day!

The only point of sadness is seeing the tears in my parents eyes because the norm has eaten into the fabrics of their minds! I wish i could continue but am aware not all the readers that started this journey are reading this now, some have fallen by the way side, some are crashing.... sorry... sleeping now! But whatever I hope you learnt!

So to the new graduates I congratulate you from the depth of my heart! Please make sure you are fulfilling purpose!
to my friends still in school guess we are still together! 
to my parents, am so sorry! Am just one stubborn boy who holds fast to his beliefs!
To everybody reading this, am sorry I had to bore you! I wont do this again for a very looong time! This was just very necessary!!!!!!!!
I am SLK, the Graduate without a Gown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. am Glad i read this long piece to the end! #word word word!

  2. okebalama chiamaka4 July 2012 at 16:42

    i m happy you found ur calling b4 most of ur peers. never mind your parents will still b proud of you. loads of love

  3. Slk i agree with u on dis one cos in our society tday nobody rily cares abt wat u graduate with but wat u have to offer..u r d best

  4. i'm so happy u discovered ur true prsn..fanks 2 TMC.i knw ur parents wil one day b hapi 4 u.luv u plenty

  5. hmmmm, SLK you are indeed a success, I know you are going places. Get ready to be d MC on my wedding day.

  6. Thanx dammy! Am ready for u and Uncle!

  7. Hey!
    Wishing you all the best life has to offer.
    For a while in school I was worried for you cause I know someone who like knew your from like pry and sec school.
    But reading this just brought a sign of relief...
    So soar high my friend...

  8. Kay-Momolosho Gold6 July 2012 at 03:13

    slk! i neva knew u culd b dis serious! a total graduate of CU is a person with purpose and that is who you are>>>> am glad you know who you are and what you are created for! this will stop others from telling you who you are not!.....am glad i know and respect you.....the furor surrounding your life can never be stopped!

    kip up man yu are my guyyyyyyyyyyy as in my guy, i am so behind yu please kip me posted, yu being one of my strongest motivationssss i love yu dear.

  10. Padi miii!

    *singing* You're not crazy, you know you're not crazy, yeah!

    We fear no one... not even "General Lambo"! (lol) I gat your back bro! We're together on this one!

  11. Am very glad dt i read this....cos i was a little bit concerned wen i didnt c ur name on the grad list,all wot uve said makes so much sense noniii.........dis lyf is nt only abt our certificates.....as fa as am concerned,90% ov d time,we read to pass wtout rlly discovering hu we re & wot we really want,am hapi 4 u & i wish u all d best in lyf*cheers*My name is @Sowtion on twitter,ild lyk 2 follow u.....takia

  12. Voice of Reason11 July 2012 at 19:01

    An unnecessarily cumbersome excuse for mediocrity and failure (whichever one comes first). Tell this crap to uneducated idiots who don't know better. For someone who has supposedly "seen the light", your grasp of the English language is questionable (comparable to that of the graduates who can't speak to save their lives). Quit besmirching the name of intellectualism and enlightenment, and find better ways to justify your failure to graduate.

  13. Inspiring! Im glad i finished it....now to go find my purpose

  14. SLK...word!!! ..n u hv living witnesses in pple like us...or to streamline it ME! ...tho I managed to graduate from d same elect elect... I haven't even gone back to get my certificate (will prolly do when I build my crib and wanna do d interior decor..lol)... The skills I have today wch God is using to open great doors for me and very easily mingling me with d "highly placed" individuals..are d skills I developed by myself based on my drive n interest....n guess what...I was. "Stabbing" classes in school and was having piles of carry-overs and my mates wld look at me n laugh..like I was just an inserious and unfocussed lazy fella (not anikulapo..lol)... Even I ddnt knw wot I was doin n how it was gonna come in handy n be a major success tool in my future...then I wld just seat in my room all day..sometimes without eating self...then I wld record my voice, compose n record new songs, develop d harmonies on another level, edit it till it sounded like a studio production....also alongside I was doing my comedy runs...stage performances, my vid. Cds, my shows......but I was doing all this for fun..or so I thot... Little did I know dat God was grooming me up in d real "School" I was supposed to be in...yeah my carry-overs were piling up but that was in d irrelevant school elect/elect wch I decided to do cos my mom was payin a lot for my fees n my sis' husband thot that was d best course to adequately appreciate n balance up d huge sch fees..n I used to be gud in sciences back in secondary school anyways (Jets club president n tins *sigh*).... And evn as I managed to finish within stipulated time...I don't see any value In my certificate other than an appreciation to my mom who paid thru her nose to get me educated "as it were"...thank God she was also very understandin and supprtive about my entertainment life...I miss that woman! May her sweet soul rest in perfect peace :( . Anyways back to my main point....now like I said earlier..very great doors (mark my word "Very Great!") are being opened for me..not as an electrical engineer...NO! (Sorry I had to scream that NO..lol)...but based on d training God gave me in my real school (my room then :) )...now I'm a major producer in one of the best media companies in Nigeria, I'm one of the best jingle writers n makers u can find, I share stages n mingle with the best in the comedy bizness in Nigeria,...(Ok lemme stop blowing my horns)... I know I'm still a "work in progress" But believe me..if God hadn't help me discover my self I would be more frostratd and confused now than a 10year old who just heard a speech from Patrick Obhiagbon..lol. Iv lost my mom and dad now..yeah its very sad n kinda lonely and scary sometimes...but there aint no single doubt abt whr I'm going and the great things that are gonna happen thru me..even as they've started unfolding gradually...thank God for Self Discovery!

    So SLK...Salako! (Shet u hv to change dat name when u hammer o..lol)...guy I feel u than any other pesn...especially as u r just like my clone (crazier one sha..lol)... Guy everything I have to you shall be encapsulated in just this one sentence....."I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IN YOU!"..... I'm sure u totally get my msg..... Just try, hustle and manage to fulfill all elect/elect righteousness for d sake of ur parents noni... I can't wait to see d looks on their faces when we start getting those international awards together (lafftherapy noni..lol)... Lemme say this in closing....when you buy your father his rangerover sports make sure u tell him these words "Daddy owo comedy ni mo fi ra o"...lol... One love bro...

    Your friend, brother,elder brother, colleague, senior colleague, mentor (If I hear say I no be ur mentor!!! ..loool)........I love u bro #Nohomo

    N:B- sorry for d plenty stories...na just one liner comment I bn wan drop o..lol

  15. Lolade Ogedengbe20 July 2012 at 10:59

    Salako I m with u big time n I love u. U r a total graduate to me n a mentor kip it up bro God is by ur side n He that brought u thus far wil neva let u down. Ko roju se gbogbo course to ku so that ur parents wil b happy I am solodily behind u

  16. oluwasemiloore30 July 2012 at 10:40

    I wish all d best in life,plss go back to sch ad finish ur first degree.

  17. Brov i ve always kwn u to be a Genius, tnx for not disappointing. I believe in u die. Plz Can I be ur P.a?

  18. Am rilly glad i read dis blog and seriously we rilly need to spread the real word of education. Any way. The Lord is ur muscle.

  19. dis is inspiring SLK....a lot of people feel its all about the degree bt its not and i'm glad u sed that,i believe in you anyday, anytime....u always put a smile on my face in skul with all ur jokes...the sky is just ur starting point.....impact ur world.

  20. glad i read dis

  21. I am so glad i read dis....

  22. SLK,let no one deceive u. In the last generation,u could dropout and stil make it but in this generation we are in now,U need talents,education and God. So from this story,u re not planning to give it ur all when u get bk to school,u just want to see what happens. Yeah, its true, ur cert doesnt really matter but it takes u places. im a fan of urs but i think u should put efforts in academics too. U dont rush into fame. i hope u heed to what i have said.

  23. very true, this will always remain a source of encouragement to all of us.thank you......

  24. Your write-up was indubitably inspiring and enlightening.You are going places SLK.Your mockers today will be ur ardent followers 2mrw.Those who criticize you actually admire you.they see something you have that they don't so the only way to piognantly placate themselves is to be your detractor.Prophetically,I see you going places.SLK,God has given to you the nations of the world as your stage.KIp flyin Bro.SHALOM

  25. thomas okonkwo24 July 2013 at 02:28

    well, u have points... Buh did really make sense like that. If ur parents are like the academic type, give them what they want and go on with ur life.look at naeto c, he got his msc,and then proceed with his dreams. I hav a friend, he finished from architecture with a very good grade, and yet he dumped it in his fathers hands and proceed with his dreams, to b a computer guru... It's like you are discouraging us from going to school.

    So, should we now leave our various institutions bcos we want to follow our dreams? Ofcourse not. This goes to everybody here, if u know u hav a dream to bcom who u want to bcom,ur dream,why not hold a bsc first? Bcos, when u get to the top, ppl will trace ur foundation, ppl will trace ur root,ppl will trace where started. Just picture ur sef, a musician for example,popularly known,at this stage,u r already a mentor to many, and bcos they want to be like u,they will trace ur beginning. What if they found out that u were a drop out, they will want to drop out as well. A practical example is bill gate and mark of face book. Ppl say bill gate was a drop out and he became one of the richest men in the world. Let me tell u the real fact. Hav u ever asked ur sef, how he bcame rich? It's bcos he was very brainy. He already knows what they are teaching in school, and the professors there were jealous of him, so they kicked him out. Bill gate never had the intention of leaving the school,he was kicked out,all bcos of jealousy. Same goes to mark. He already had wat he wanted,so what's the point of going to school? Although he was also kicked out.

    When i was growing up, i was not that good academically,buh when i got to the higher institution, i met friends that inspired me. If u are in a quag mire,u can still get out of that mess if u put ur sef together. Do not confuse dreams for fantasy. Start from somewhere before thinking of bcoming a drop out. slk, bcos somfn worked for u does not mean it will work for others. Although, i really learnt from u. Thanks bro. God bless you real good.