Monday, 2 July 2012

An ode to the premiership
I was at the airPORT’S MOUTH, about to LEAVE THE POOL, called Nigeria, when all of a sudden! I saw an ARSENAL of the nearest country POMPING towards meREADING in between the lines, I knew I was a GUNNER! There I was like in the MIDDLE OF A LARGE BOUROUGH But I knew 1 thing; GOD IS IN THE PARK
They came like RED DEVILS,dressed in red BAGGIES. I tried to run as fast as a TROTTER but I got stocked when I met, on my way, a brand NEW CASTLE I HAMMERED my way through the locked gatesI believed that I was NEVER WALKING ALONEI saw different creatures in this place, including BLACK CATSStill THE REDS were behindThey really didn’t give in but set the castle ablaze. All over my body were BLACK BURNS
I came out, looked up and saw the SUN ON THE LAND, only for me to discover that they had disappeared into the BLUES
As I was about to cross the BRIDGE, I arose from my THEATRE OF DREAMSOnly to realise that I was in a CRYSTAL PALACE with an empty bottle of CHELSEAI was only a PENSIONER!
I am PETER BARCLAYS- the retired captain of England’s PREMIER SHIP!!!!

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