Wednesday, 4 July 2012


My name is SLK and the topic of my message title is THE KOKO! God is going to speak to you today! A lot of you girls want to be KOKOLETS! You really want that title! I tell you, YOU ARE BAD THATS WHY YOU WANT IT! I know some of you are asking 'KI NI BIG DEAL?' I will tell you! Instead of you to wait till you FALL IN LOVE, get a TRUE LOVE and be someone's AFRICAN QUEEN! Noo! You go about like a BUSY BODY, looking for someone to ENTER THE PLACE! Then SUDDENLY, you GET SQUARED! Then your mother starts shouting EKAETTE BELLE! What is the IMPLICATION of this! You become a woman of the street i.e you increase your STREET CREDIBILITY and at this point, there is FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN! Dont you know that these guys are CAPABLE of doing you STRONG THING! Once they finish with you, you will not even be able to HOLLA AT YOUR BOY again! Dont you know that sooner or later GONGO ASO, then you begin to question God, 'WHY ME? God 'WHY ME?' Is it God's fault?I mean can you IMAGINE THAT? You forgot God, he forgot you! Its a situation of DO ME I DO YOU! When we were warning you, you were saying E FI MI LE! Just because DADDY E O SINILE, you wanted to RUN AWAY! We tried to stop you but you shouted E MA DA MI DURO! And KURUKERE, you eventually did! Now OJU E A JA! All because you want more like OLIVER TWIST, the devil made you a SCAPEGOAT!

God is saying, CALL MY NAME and I will answer. God wants to be CLOSE TO YOU but you fail to realise that he is NEVER FAR AWAY! Its your parents I pity! Because they now discover that you were UNDERRATED because you are NOT THE GIRL THEY USED TO KNOW!
So ladies, lets stop this FREE MADNESS, Kick against peer pressure! We need ORIGINALITY!
Ladies and gentlemen.....THIS IS THE KOKO!!!

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  1. Enjoyed it...

  2. creativity...well done bro...

  3. Impressive.....nice one here....u r good in person nd online