Wednesday, 11 July 2012


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I was at my neighbors house and I discovered that they had, earlier in the day visited the eatery- she and her three kids! Yeah! I know for most of us we are like 'and so?' Now lemme explain! In my life sorry that's a mistake.. in my entire life! I have never seen my daddy in an eatery! Never never never!(and am not joking)! 
One day I even wanted to ask him whether sometime in his life an eatery collected his land or something? Its like he's beefing them! Its so bad that one day my mum took us on a trip to Sheraton (It was not far from our house but it was still a trip because since then we had been reminiscing) my father did not follow us and he was at home! I know what you are thinking! No no! He's not a poor man
Lemme explain! My father happens to be an Ijebu man ( thats a part of Nigeria synonymous to stinginess) Now to worsen situations... He read ECONOMICS! Yeah thats like a brazilian studying soccer or better still an Iraqi studying nuclear power! You can imagine how frugal my daddy is! Suffice to say that the only way you can get a million from him is to put school behind it! If not, then you will need to hire a SAN to defend yourself in the court (daddy's room)!

To worsen things he's now very smart! So you can not easily lie to him! My brother and I used to hold strategic planning meetings so we can get the better of him! After all 2 heads they say are better than one! So this makes it more difficult to get money from him! As a matter of fact, I wasn't one of those kids that was always given pocket money before I entered university! The fact is we actually thought we were poor! I think that was his plan! I remember we went for a wedding of a close family member on environmental Saturday! Since we were going to help organize, we had to get there before 7'0 clock and we did! At about 9 while we were still arranging stuff, my dad told me that I would go out after the environmental sanitation to buy detergent so that he can wash his already dirty handkerchief and spread it in the car!!!!!!!!! Now let me explain... New handkerchief is just 50 naira! Ah!

So you would understand my shock when one day I received a call from my dad that he was at Mr Biggs then and he was trying to find out what to buy for me! Out of shock i hanged up! He called back and said the same thing! So I just said 'Chicken and Ice cream!' My dad replied 'elo ni yen.. o o serious' (how much is that? You are not serious).My father came back and to my greatest surprise I saw Mr Biggs nylon! I was so happy! I almost wanted to call my friends! Thank God I didnt! I opened the Nylon and lo and behold..the unmistakable aroma of hot MOI MOI greeted me! My father had gone to Mr Biggs to buy moi moi!

Finally I can never forget fun fair day! My secondary school had organised it for the relaxation of students! A day where various eateries would bring their tents to school to sell stuff among other things! It was a day we looked forward to as students! So it was necessary for students to bring money to buy things or you buy chewing gum so people will see you eating constantly and think you bought so many things! And so I went to explain it to my daddy (Without a SAN! A step I later regretted!). My daddy, after hearing my case asked for a letter from the school to that effect (using his own words). After much persuasion (on my own part) and further conviction (on his own part), I was happy! He reached for his pocket! I had finally broken the ice! Now everybody in school will know that I came for fun fair! Lemme start listing my goodies, chicken, chips, ice cream, salad.... It was in the middle of these thoughts that my father, handed me 150 NAIRA Mint!!!

 "If you buy 20naira amala, 3 then one pomo and one shaki! dont forget to bring my change o! 

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  1. Many grammatical errors!

  2. thats cos it was written in form of a diary!!!!!

  3. U dnt ave to reply d person tlkn about grammatical errors. Rem, on ur way up, u will meet a lot of crabs. Still crackn me up

    Bisola elect

  4. Haha..Slk!!!! Really rooting 4 u..criously..

  5. SLK!!!!! Nice one man keep it up and definitely by God's grace u will get to that place...:)