Tuesday, 3 July 2012


A lot of you that think you are fat might change your mind after this piece! A lot of you don't know if you are fat or not but this might help.
1) If you cant enter a bus without paying for two..... you are fat!

2) If your fitted white shirt happens to be my doctor's OVERALL..... you are fat!

3) If you cant enter an auditorium through any entrance apart from the main entrance.....you are fat!

4) If your mattress touches your bunk mate's head whenever you sleep on the top bunk............you are fat!

5) If on your wedding day your husband feels polygamous.......you are fat!

6) If you ever make an elephant feel inferior.........you are fat!

7) If you have to be hugged in twos and threes.....you are fat!

8) If only you spreads just one of your skirts on a line and you still complain of space.....you are fat!

9) If in church your neighbor tells ONLY you that 'Jesus loves you' when the pastor says 'tell 7 people'..you are fat!

10) Finally, If this poem is annoying you right now.............then YOU MUST BE FAT!!!!!!

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  1. ...nice one...lol...

  2. ur very naughty :)

  3. Hahahahahahaha. this joke cracks me up everytime. nice one!